Rev. R. L. Tillman, Pastor
Mission Statement “Reclaiming the broken, Redeeming the lost, Reinforcing the strong”
Deacon J. Hollman   Chair/Co-Chairman

Lamb Of God Missionary Baptist Church

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The Lamb Of God Missionary Baptist Church History

          The Lamb of God was founded when a need of having a place for a group of teens and small children to praise, worship and learn about the Lord Jesus Christ. These children all sang together in a community choir and after about two years without a church home for the group, Mrs. Ethel Stone stated it was time for the group to have a home for themselves; she then offered her home for worship service. However, they were still without a shepherd to lead them until a young preacher by the name of Rev. Lawrence Gene Montford was invited to come and preach to the small group. After giving a spirit-filled message, Rev. Montford was asked if he would consider being their leader— Rev. Montford accepted and told the group that the first thing they needed to do was to become organized.

          The original group consisted of seven adults and a number of teenagers and small children. The adults included Ethel Stone, Marie Pullins, Jessie Jenkins, Sara Dolly, Ruby McGuire, Linward McGuire and Ruby Dawson. All except Mrs. Pullins have completed their journey to be with the Lord. On Nov. 20 1967, The Lamb of God Missionary Baptist Church was organized by a panel of ministers consisting of Rev. J. O. Montford, the late Rev. F. Thurmond, the late Rev. J. H. Langston, the late Rev. C. N. Ellis and the late Rev. J. O. Pittman. In December of the same year, Rev. L. G. Montford was ordained as pastor, and Linward McGuire became the chaiman of the Deacon Board.

          Over the last 46 years, God has blessed the Lamb of God tremendously: In August of 1979 the mortgage was paid off the original property and the church building, which now serves as the fellowship hall. In 1980, the adjacent property was purchased, and in March of 1984, the church broke ground for the current church building. On the 4th Sunday in June 1985, the church marched into the new building. Since that time the parking lot was paved and the mortgage was paid off.

          In 2007, Pastor Montford’s health began to decline, but with the faithfulness of the Lamb’s sons; Rev. Albert Johnson, Rev. Clifford Smith,  and Rev. Dondi Jones, the Church was able to continue to carry out the work of the Lord in his absence. On September 30, 2009, after 42 years of faithful service and leadership, the Lord called Pastor Montford home to rest from his labors.

          Following God’s plans for the Lamb of God, Rev. Royce L. Tillman was elected in April 2010 to serve as Pastor. Rev.Tillman, an original son of the Lamb, was ordained as pastor of the Lamb of God Missionary Baptist Church on April 25, 2010.

          Under the leadership of Pastor Tillman, the Lamb of God has undergone renovations to the building and is still under construction. Pastor Tillman has also restructured the Deaconess and Mothers Ministries, along with adding other ministries and committees. The late First Lady Brenda L. Tillman started the Lamb of God dance team which branched out into several different types of dance teams but are now unified within one ministry.

In keeping with the founding spirit of the Lamb and under Pastor Tillman’s spiritual guidance, the Lamb has continued to thrive:

  • In August 2010, the Young Adult Choir was reinstated to the Lamb of God.
  • In September 2010, the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) was formed with a main focus of encouraging the youth to walk in the love of God—believing that all things are possible through Him.
  • In February 2011, The Lamb Life Center (LLC) was formed and the Early Life Program began. This program teaches Christian education to the youth between the ages of 5 and 12.
  • In April 2013, the Women’s Ministry was formed with the vision being in line with that of the Lamb of God—"To Reclaim, Redeem, and Reinforce".  This ministry strives to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional needs of the women by encouraging, strengthening, and empowering them to reach their full potential in God.

Holding true and building on the doctrines that this church was founded on, Pastor Tillman continues to lead this flock according to God’s master plan.